February 1, 2017





The Intensity is among us as we shift further into this new Higher Vibration of Consciousness. January cleared us on deep Cellular levels while our Crystalline body came into full force. We had major heart activations to heal old grieve and old limited beliefs. The back and shoulders were asking for us to let go of old emotional baggage and let/release old burdens off our shoulders. The nervous system made it difficult for us to stay awake as the vibrations and deep humming took over our bodies at times. The head/neck went through HUGE activations and upgrades. Dizziness, confusion, headaches, pressure, stiff neck, hard to speak and communicate, blurry eyes, loss of “physical” vision was all a part of these activations.

February will be our integration month.  Don't get it twisted! It will still be intense but we are going to really get to know our new skills and thinking capabilities and whether or not we choose to stay in the lower vibrations of consciousness. The choice Is and will always be yours. The old 3D grid is falling, we can’t ignore this is not happening. There is a lot of anger that is going to come with this and we are already seeing people who are rude, angry, irritable, mean, dangerous and violent; the manic has started but this is where WE, rise up! This battle, this fight is for us Lightworkers, Starseeds, Incarnated Angels, Indigo’s, all Spiritual beings who are incarnated at this time. We are the anchors who will shift this planet back into a higher vibration; so don’t forget why you are incarnated right now. NOW IS THE TIME TO STEP INTO YOUR MAGIC!



It is easy to get caught up in the turmoil right now and from what I am seeing a lot of Lightworkers are falling for the trap of anger, blame, and fear. There’s a psychotic break happening where a lot of people don’t even really know what is motivating their anger they just want to lash out. What is happening right now, as brutal as it all seems NEEDS to happen for the planet to return to peace, to equality, to abundance, to living not from power and greed but from Love and acceptance. You have not been going through your awakening to higher thinking to your magic for you to regress back; use what you have learned over these past few years. Instead of anger go into meditation and visualization. You’re an alchemist, an energy magician, witches who know how to use nature, herbs, the elements to harness change, Grid- keepers who can change electromagnetic fields of energy. YOU incarnated for this exact moment in history and now is not the time to back down with lower vibes crap. Be vigilant and grounded as much as possible to be present in what is going on so you can do what you have to do to transmute it.

Side note: If you are not into astrology I’m guided to say get into it! The planets are backing us up with what they are doing to help shift this planet, it is quite amazing what is happening right now; this is an AMAZING time to be here and YOU are here doing all of this...with the help of the Universe but you know what I mean! You're the warriors on the ground doing the hard work! Start watching the sky! 




I am finding a great need to return back to my calm…everything I have learned since my awakening since my shift in consciousness in regards to calming the mind and LISTENING is beckoning me back to it. Meditation and being in solitude for a few times during my day is really helping me with my connection to Source and my Higher Self. I've said this before about living in ways that just does not resonate anymore, it’s not helping us with these new energies…anymore. Don’t get caught up in the drama! You know what to do right now…use your vibration to shift energies around you, stop blaming everyone for what you are feeling or going through. All this chaos is necessary right now and when the dust settles you will see what is truly happening.

So, February will bring about a lot of realizations that we must become clear about. On ALL levels of our being, we know what to do.  We know what we are doing we just need to step out of what’s happening “out there” and return to what is happening within. THIS IS IT! We are finally here, on the precipice of grand change, you are a HUGE player in this game, YOU came down here for this and I salute you Soldiers of Light. 




Some Affirmations for February:

- I AM a Multidimensional being of light
- I AM taken care of, my Spiritual team has my back
- I AM loved
- I trust myself
- I trust what is going on in the Universe right now
- When I AM in fear I return to my inner peace, my inner knowing
- My thoughts create my reality in every second and I AM manifesting my ideal life
- I AM grounded and connected 

- I AM strong. I AM compassionate. I AM a warrior of Divine Light

- I will not let the illusion of what is happening out "there" sway my peace


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