January 9, 2017


The year is 2017 and every HUman on planet Tara have been activated. The awakening is in full force and every Lightworker has heard the call. We have the go-ahead from Source herself and we are set for take off. The warriors on planet Tara who are awakening the planet are weary, tired and hope is dwindling but in 2017 an internal mass activation will take everyone to the next level of evolution. The time is here…. and so it begins!


Happy New Beginnings Loves! This is it, the beginning of not only a year 1, which is about manifestations and “Rooting” things you wish to achieve and create. Year one is also a complete overhaul of the things and people that kept you in a void for the past 9 years. That kept you prisoner to old ways of thinking, being and living. Now is the time to go freely in the direction you have always wanted AND needed to go in without anyone’s permission. I’ve been telling my friends and clients that these next 5 years starting this year in 2017 are going to be EPIC and life transforming!  A lot of new opportunities and gateways will start to manifest for you starting this year. Business deals, trips, new avenues, new relationships you can clearly and easily manifest now compared to the last few years when it has been hard to make much “movements” in our lives. 



December shattered and reawakened something deep and profound within ALL of us making us remember that this illusion is so deep that the masses are having a hard time realizing the system that was built to keep us docile and weak, while the others, like you, reading this, have been waiting for this for quite some time.


I don’t follow the old matrix of New Year but I do believe in the power and the energy of New Beginnings. Everyone is feeling the shift and stepping fully into their power that is bubbling up from the Solar Plexus.  This exact activation landed me in the hospital with excruciating pain in my stomach. After undergoing a long list of blood work checking every organ in my body, everything came up clear.  The shift is going on within the mind right now and it is nothing to fuck with! When the body needs you to be still and let the transformation happen within you, you lie down and listen! I find a lot of us that have played a pivotal role in life’s most oppressed, nuclear and radical Earth shifts are feeling the effects really strongly right now, as that old cellular grid system is being rewired and deleted from our structure. With this recalibration came flashbacks, old trauma, old scenarios and immense pain.  




 The physical pain has been through the roof and I know a lot of us have been in the hospital, restricted to staying in bed or indoors while this energy sweeps EVERYTHING within us that has programmed us for the past few thousand years. December was not easy, probably even the hardest month we’ve had in a long time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Dear ones; you must let that old 3D mentality go. This will heal and clear out so many Ascension symptoms if you just SURRENDER to the reality we are currently living. While going through excruciating pain from my Solar Plexus I asked my Guides what was going on and they said, “you cannot live your new life with old pattern of thoughts…that shifted me quickly! I was holding on because my outer world didn’t reflect what I was feeling and seeing but the magic of this time is that the outer world is a huge illusion. Your inner beliefs and views WILL create what and how you see your outer world…IT STARTS AND ENDS WITH YOU. You are the key, you are the master creator, you are the answer to everything conspiring right now but in order to “see” it you must introduce the old you to the new you and MOVE FORWARD.



January will still feel a bit heavy as we shift fully into this new energy. The physical pain of December will start to fade, as we get accustomed to the new vibration of new beginnings entering our lives.  The real shifts and changes start in March. Thoughts are manifesting much more quickly due to the new vibration we have entered so be mindful of what you are creating. TRUST that everything is really quite okay and we are exactly where we need to be! Yes, we’re tired, fatigued, lots of pressure around the crown of our heads and headaches. As we are returning to our heart space once again if feels like our Heart Chakra is breaking. Heart “quickening”, palpitations, pressure and pain are being felt heavily now.



Some Heads up for 2017:


  • Build up your Immune System as a lot of different viruses will come about this year…Not sure if this is systematic or our way of rebuilding our Immune system (Will keep you posted on this)

  • Don’t follow the fear hype of this year…everything happening is suppose to be happening to shift Earth’s vibration

  • Discernment, Discernment, Discernment…. Use it, be it, live it!

  • Change your routine and try new things, this creates an energy of excitement and movement in your everyday lives

  • Be the master teachers that you came down here to be…you will be needed this year

  • This is not a competition, don’t let others pull you into their storms

  • Negative and lower Entities are going to be running ramped this year…. USE YOUR MAGIC!

  • Everything that you have learned will come into use now…. remember you come with an arsenal of magic and tricks to keep your vibration high

  • Call on Source. GOD, the Universe, Allah, remember to go into prayer or meditation frequently when everything gets overwhelming



I wish you an abundance of Love, Peace and Magic for this year Star Beings. As always, May the Force be with you.

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