December 4, 2016


Can you believe we are in the last month of 2016? The last month of a year 9 that signifies completion and endings; 2016 was definitely the year of putting certain things in our lives to bed…finally! Since August there as been major shifts happening in our lives with releasing certain things that just does not match our vibration anymore. This was a rude awakening that shook us to our core.


November was a brutally intense month that kicked our asses and broke us wide open. It was painful with physical activations, cellular transmutation and the upgrades of our DNA as we return to a Crystalline being. We cannot bring along our old selves into this new life and the timeline we are now entering.  Our cells and DNA hold a vast amount of knowledge that tells a story of ALL of our incarnations. With our bodies going through a recalibration certain parts of our bodies that held the most traumas are going to be painful as it shifts.  Our pineal gland holds knowledge of past lives and of old programming…. Headaches, blurry visions, painful and sore eyes,  stiff neck and a sore, dense body have been the main symptoms In November. The Heart Chakra has been taking a beating with heart palpitation, blood pressure issues and racing heart at times. Our lower three Chakras which are our “grounding” Chakras are being re-attuned Spirit has told me. Our Root, giving up our old survival techniques for a new way of thinking and being, Our Sacral Chakra (the womb of Mama Gaia) that carries the energy grid of new creation, are you having worth issues and honoring yourself as this Chakra re-balances? Our Solar plexus is our connection to the Sun and the cosmos, we are checking ourselves with what we deserve, if we are capable and if we will be judge for this new being we are becoming. We became massively sensitive to certain foods, people and places. I had a gluten and dairy attack that I’ve never had in my life that almost sent me straight to the hospital. My body would not and did not accept anything with chemicals, processed ingredients or low vibing foods (meat AND vegetables).




Scorpio season was brutal with the death of ALL things that just did not fit in our lives anymore. There were times I could not leave my bed in November and I had to stay still and let this energy really take me over and cleanse me of all that did not belong in this new timeline. At one point I couldn’t even connect with my guides or my angels it was like I was in this void because I had to find myself and trust myself and really show up for MYSELF without depending on anyone including my Spiritual team; I had to return back to ME and realize that I know what to do to heal and get through this instead of solely relying on anyone or anything.  When I came out of this void I looked at myself with so much love and acceptance that I started to cry.



We are now coming into a time of total recall. 2017 and for the next five years are going to be the most intense and life-changing energy we have ever felt, we will not be the same people within these next few years (this is a great thing!).  Our dreams, hopes and wishes will start to come true within the next few years because we have been in the initiation phase for the past 5+ years…THIS IS NOW OVER. What is your power that you came down to this planet to express? How does your power raise the consciousness of the planet? Let me repeat this because it must be understood; you cannot think and be that old you in 2017, things will not work for you if you are bringing that old energy. The reason for the headaches and head pressure is the activation of our pineal gland to adapt to this new frequency. Yes, everything you have been taught to not believe in is now showing up in your reality as truth. Believe in magic, this will be your new reality.



2017 is a year 1 which all about new cycles and new beginnings. THE UNIVERSE IS ALWAYS ON TIME! This will be the time to start new things in your life, business ventures, moving, traveling, having babies or getting into new relationships. Anything created in a year 1 is HUGE and will be the stream that will continue for years to come until we come upon a year 1 again in the next 9 years. This is the year to create and think outside the box. In meditation and with clients I keep getting how MASSIVE 2017 will be and I’m having a vision board party next week with some friends to welcome in this new energy! Despite the massive symptoms and physical pain of the last few months, it is time to get excited for what’s to come!


Do a vision board for 2017; get rid of things in your home and life so you aren’t bringing them into this New Year. Write down your fears and resistance to what you’re afraid of, go outside and burn it and give it to the Universe to finally be transmuted. Take time with yourself, don’t be so hard on yourself and TRUST above all things yourself. Realize that you are the one you have been wanting and needing. YOU are the missing piece to the puzzle, get ready for your new life…. it’s beginning in 5, 4, 3, 2….




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