November 18, 2016


There is a light that is sweeping Earth right now and everyone is feeling it in some way shape or form; literally. It’s hard to deny that the changes affecting Earth right now aren’t real or happening. All around us everything is shifting and it is a powerful time of change on New Earth.


The Election and the 11.11.portal shifted the grid system on Earth activating ancient memories and going deeper into our DNA integration. It has been physically painful and exhausting but we are pushing through because we know that what is happening is epic on colossal proportions. November being my birthday month brought old timelines and old believe traits to the forefront to be reviewed and released. Once I released my old timeline of lack new activations are now being “programmed” within my new cellular structure and it has been intense! The energies have kept a lot of us isolated and craving solitude, we just want to be left alone so we can grasp and integrate all of this new reality.


When the whole cellular structure is being re-programmed we are forced to be still and let it flow because the more we try to do things not in alignment with our new purpose the sicker we feel, the more pain we are experiencing in our bodies and this can be overwhelming. In the same breath because we are now “experts” in our field we are absorbing the collective’s energy and transmuting it for the greater good.  A lot of us are having a myriad of back issues, which is where we subconsciously hold trauma and emotional issues, so it wasn’t a surprise that a few weeks before the election a lot of us started to feel physical pain in our bodies.




The Election threw a lot of people off and sparked a fire so big that the whole world got activated through just ONE EVENT! For those awake and know on a Metaphysical level what is truly going on we got excited for this dimensional shift that we have been waiting on for years. This is where we see who is down for the jump into higher consciousness and who refuses to let go of the old system of hate, greed and lack. We are Ascending and whether or not you believe it or “see” it you are being broken apart on such a scale that you wouldn’t believe how drastic your life will change in the next coming years. 2017 is going to totally reveal the new person you are becoming. So now you get an in-depth view of what your special power is and how you are going to use it to elevate Earth’s consciousness. What did this election spark within you? What did you get extremely passionate about or more passionate about? Equality for all? The treatment of oppressed and marginalized people? Our water? Our Forest? Now, how are you going to play a role in changing it?


Now we are able to do what we have come down here to do! It is time for the Light workers, the alchemist, the shapeshifters, and the starseeds to do the work of reconnecting and showing the world what we are really capable of doing, being and having. This is MASSIVE!  We are seeing TONS of Timeline jumping where we are experiencing old relationships, old scenarios and old paths we used to walk that were confusing, traumatizing or hard for us to fully experience; now we get to re-do it the way we should have always done it and release it fully. Things are manifesting at rapid speeds and the people entering your life are going to play pivotal roles in the next few years; be mindful and aware of who is around you now.  November and December are going to stay intense as we prep and get ready for the hugeness that is 2017.



The Solar Plexus is speaking and the messages are deep. It could have been Trump, Hillary or even Bernie but this shows just how much power we put into other people controlling our lives. At any given time you can get the fuck up and say no more and do something about it. At any given time you can choose to do it like you've never done it before and at any given time you can choose to stay unconscious or elevate your mind into one that is tapped into the infinite Universe. Which is where you come from. This is the Shift we have been waiting for; this is the callout to all Lightworker, Starseed, incarnated angels, healers, alchemists, beings of light to start shifting the reality of what is happening right now. The power has and will always be in your hands.


We. Are. Here





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