October 31, 2016


“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

~Anais Nin


Today is the New Moon in Scorpio and things are getting deep! Scorpio is an energy of rebirth, death, the inner/wounded child and honoring the thinning veil between our illusions and our inner truths. This energy is no joke, no bullshit, no hesitations let's get it done and healed once and for all type of energy. This New Moon in the deep sign of Scorpio is about strong emotions that runneth deep and the need to be EXTREMELY honest with what we have been accepting in our lives.



It is a transformative time to understand the "dark" parts of ourselves and instead of seeing our shadow sides as a “negative” or “bad” thing thinking of it as an emotional meter that guides us into returning back to the authentic Spirit that we truly are. Our dark side has a strong meaning in our life; it guides us to see our imagery of duality of the world and how we really CREATE within this matrix. Good and Bad.  Once we know this; we can then shift it. 


Deep emotions are running high as this water sign keeps nothing back and is the master of abysmal waters. Being honest and authentic is the theme of this New Moon and it is ushering a time of rebirth and a new version of self that demands to be heard, to be respected and to be seen for who we really are.  



Scorpio's sexual energy is STRONG and the need for deep intimacy is prevalent right now! If you are boo'd up you want a deeper connection with your partner that goes beyond the senses and if you are single you are transforming your beliefs on how you see not only yourself but also the stories you have been telling yourself about love, sex, and intimacy. Scorpio energy came in with a bang bringing with it Solar Storms for us to dig deeper and push ourselves where we have never pushed ourselves before. It is a time of honoring the dead both living and alive; those parts of us that keep us in fear, keep us isolated and is afraid to shine and let people know who we really are. Come out. Be bold. Stand in your power. Show the world who you really are. The veil is lifting and now is the time to be resurrected out of your Fears. 




Ritual For New Moon In Scorpio: Healing the Inner Child

(This ritual is only to be done if you feel guided and done with love and always in light)


  1. A black cloth or runner

  2. Pictures of you at different times in your life that were either the hardest for you or that molded you into the person you are today

  3. Tea lights

  4. A white Candle, A Black Candle and an Orange Candle

  5. A bowl of water (bless it)

  6. Three pieces of paper, a red or black pen  



Making an Altar is an intuitive process and you should be guided on how to set up your altar by your Spirit, how you arrange these items is solely up to you! The way I set up my Inner Child Altar is by setting down my black cloth on my table and I decorate it with things that remind me of my childhood. That can be anything such as different foods that you loved, things from nature if you were a nature kid, scents, toys… use your imagination! On my piece of paper I am going to write down 1. What I would like to tell my younger self about the experiences she is going through at that time. 2. Why my younger self has to go through that phase and how it will impact my future self and 3. A letter of forgiveness; I am letting go and cutting the cords to that pain, trauma and that former self. Remember forgiveness is not about anyone but you. You are forgiving so you can clear your Heart Chakra and start to “feel” again. After you have written your letters say a prayer to let it go and burn it over the (blessed) bowl of water. After you have done that you are going to call back those aspects of yourself you left behind in fear and in anger.


Say these words aloud “I CALL BACK ALL ASPECT OF MYSELF THAT I LEFT BEHIND IN MY CHILDHOOD BECAUSE I WAS AFRAID, ANGRY OR DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO AT THAT TIME. I FORGIVE MYSELF…I AM FREE. I FORGIVE ________ I AM FREE. I CALL YOU BACK YOUNG (YOUR NAME) YOU ARE SAFE NOW, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE FREE.  You can tweak this blessing any way you feel guided and take your time, for some this may take a few hours and for some a few days. Listen to your higher self and do as your soul guides you! 



New Moon Blessings! 





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