October 16, 2016



We are PISSED off! This weekend's Super Full Moon in Aries is bringing out the deepest, most intimate shadow sides of ourselves. That side of us that we think is “bad” and others shouldn’t see because we were taught that we only show the good side of ourselves so we are accepted and liked.  Don’t listen to the hype! Anger is not a “negative” emotion but an energy conductor in what our Spirit and Energetic bodies cannot and will not tolerate. This side of us has to be known and taken seriously for it not to cause permanent damage within our physical structure.  Anger is PIVOTAL for growth and living honestly and authentically and this Super Full Moon is bringing it out fiercely. We are over it and we’re not going to take the bullshit anymore!  


The Full Moon in Aries Is about shifting our energy and stepping into a new direction when it comes to showing the world all sides of who we REALLY are. This energy is showing us that it is okay to feel scared, lonely, desperate, overwhelmed, fearful, disillusioned as long as we know how to channel this energy into something productive in our lives. We have to finally address and overcome these shadows in order for us to continue this shift to freedom and peace; but this evolution starts within and demands the truth. 


The Energy for the next few days are going to bring up issues in your life surrounding letting go of anger, bravery, protection, how does being loved wholly and completely look like for us? Establishing serious boundaries with our loved ones and those intimate with us. This weekend and for the next few days are going to bring about radical shifts in how we allow people to treat us. Being honest with ourselves and facing challenges that we have been pushing down for years. Aries is fire and it is going to burn those old believes to the ground, so you can make it easy by facing it head on or step aside and let your Higher self/ Subconscious mind do it for you!  We shouldn’t wait until we are in discord with our inner world or us to face ourselves and This Super Full Moon is hot-wiring a spark in you for you to remember that you are not a mistake but the most deliberate cellular structure alive.



Things that will come up during these next few days:


  • Facing our shadows and what we perceive to be “bad’ and “good” in our lives

  • Anger, Anger, Anger. What has been pissing you off? What have you been suppressing? What have you been allowing that has been emotionally hurting you for years?

  • What will shift your perception of who you are and open new roads and opportunity for you?

  • What do you need to burn? Get rid of once and for all?

  • Who are you without your mask? Why have you suppressed it?

  • Aries is head energy, so confusion, foggy brained, a need to unplug for a few days is necessary

  • What irrational fear do you need to release?  


    Don’t be so hard on yourself these next few days. Cry, get pissed off and be brave enough to show the world who you really are; inside and out. In order to rebuild you must burn down old structures so SET FIRE TO THE OLD!!  



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