October 4, 2016



Do you even remember who you were at the beginning of September!? September was one of the biggest months for massive transformational energies, DNA upgrades and TOTAL overhaul of everything not meant to thrive in these higher vibrations. Mercury Retrograde, 9.9.9 portal (make that TWO portals), A Solar and Penumbral lunar eclipse and a Black Moon to end it off with a bang! September was a brutally honest month that went deep into cellular memory to reprogram you.  The energy of September was all about upgrades and going deep within.


If September didn’t crack you wide open these next few months will! The energy of September was mentally draining and physically exhausting but it sparked something fierce for us to take into October. You may have had reoccurring thoughts about your past and it played out in ways that showed you exactly why it had to go down the way it did. Our thoughts and how we processed our life shifted in copious ways. September was creating a new grid system within you and within this new “system” old thoughts and the way we once processed our outer experiences HAD TO CHANGE AND SHIFT and if you were stubborn to these changes things started crashing and burning around you. It was a massive recalibration month that left a lot of us drained and weary.  On the flip side, if you took in what was happening your life might have been transformed and shifted in miraculous ways.



Seeing what’s happening in your external is going to throw you off so to shift your paradigm you must shift the way you see things. This is the energy of October.  The residue of September will linger for about two weeks until it transitions into the Full Moon on October 16th. October is bringing a sense of anticipation and HOPE like you’ve never felt before. It is going to be emotional because saying goodbye to the past or old ways of doing things is never easy but at times, like now, it is vital for your future. October will be about pleasure and how to get back that luscious, juicy, decadent (get your mind out the gutter!) energy of JOY and FUN back into your life. But to do this you must know that YOU are no longer YOU and the world as you know it, is no longer. This is the time to shift your brain to magic, to instant manifestation, to creating whatever you feel for the deepest and most passionately.  It is no longer about getting “permission” from your external world and from your friends and family. October will bring new opportunities for you to test this new life of yours especially with how you use your mental capacity and your focused intentions. It will pull you into a vortex that the 9.9.9 portal opened in September and this vortex is about seeing it, feeling it, tasting it, it is about your senses and realizing that the power of change is in YOUR control.


Our bodies went through a lot these past few months. Deep buzzing in the physical body (DNA upgrade and cellular re-attuning), Lots of Heart Chakra activation which brings chest pain, a “zapping” feeling to the chest and a “tightening” sensation. The upper heart, which is the Thymus Gland, governs the immune system and while your body is being “reprogrammed” focus on this energy center with deep breathing, foods and exercises that help maintain your immune system.  The head is undergoing MASSIVE changes, especially in the brain, which is causing headaches, third eye pressure, face and neck sensitivity and tension. Your gums and teeth may feel like they are buzzing at times, this is because our teeth are energy receptors so whatever is happening to the body on an energetic level you will feel it in your teeth and gums. The Solar Plexus is another energy center where your power and intuition lay. As you go through the fear and uncertainty of what is happening in your life, your stomach will bloat and become extremely puffy. Problems with digesting food and not wanting to consume anything at all may arise. This is okay! Follow your “gut” and give it what it needs.




The Universe is showing you that in October you must start to trust yourself above ALL things. You are a spark of the divine, made from really powerful stuff. It’s time to trust yourself now in this phase of your evolution. The next few months will BLOW your mind and if you are new to the Ascension happening on Earth it will probably scare you, choose courage and fearlessness! If you are one of the O’G’s this is the phase you have been waiting for, the next step, the next dimension you have been waiting patiently to enter; this is it. Our bodies cannot sustain life in a lower vibration anymore so we WILL feel like we are dying or extremely sick when these reprogramming are going on within our body. This is where you must go inside and trust your intuition and not let the outer world sway your new reality.  


Going to the doctor will give you a 3rd Dimension result because most Doctors do not know what is going on yet. When/If you get a diagnoses try to go to the natural alternative so the medication doesn’t damage your new cells.  In a few years this will change drastically with all the “new” age healers that will be available to assist.


I know you don’t want to hear this but we are just stepping into the vortex of massive changes on this planet and it’s going up, up, up from here on out! You are brave, you are ready, and you came down for this. Be the observer in October and let it bewitch you in ways that you never thought possible. So much Love and Light magic people!  

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