January Vibration Forecast

January 9, 2016

January Vibration Report



Mercury Retrograde and a New Moon In Capricorn start off a powerful 2016! January is starting off with a bang and just going straight to work. I wrote before on one of my Facebook post that the next three years are going to be massive when it comes to elevating into our divine selves and stepping into New Earth!


Now is the time to step into our power, no joke, the time to play small has ended and now we’re living in 4th and 5th Dimensional energy.  It’s been intense for a lot of us lately because we are still trying to bring that old vibration, old pain, old fears, old worries, old traumas into this new stream of energy. Those old vibrations are not going to work in this new stream of energy.


Nothing is the same anymore and yes; at times it may feel very overwhelming. When we were scared in the past we would create blocks or ignore how we felt, which eventually lead to energy blocks and eventually di-seases or illness within us.  That doesn’t work anymore, that energy feels heavy and you feel off, confused, sick, disoriented.  We’ve learned that now we have to find our balance, our peace in nature, within our breath, in clearing our Chakra’s, we have to now transmute the energy instead of running away or ignoring it.


January brings a return to our higher selves. A total transformation in the way we think, act and do things in our lives. Our bodies are clearing, downloading, transmuting old energies but now we’re streaming in new energies as well. A lot of Solar plexus, Sacral Chakra clearing going on right now and with Mercury Retrograde and a Full Moon in Capricorn this brings up past shit that makes you wonder when in hell will this go away and clear once and for all!  Don’t be discouraged though because if you’re going through it, you’re shifting it.




The Crown Chakra is our gateway to Source and the incoming waves of energy coming unto Earth right now. This can make you feel dizzy, out of it, headaches, and unusually body pain; it’s part of the process to connect us once again to our divine linage of being powerful creators.  Sleep is vital to integrate everything that is happening so if you feel the need to sleep and relax then do so with no guilt!


January is the transformational month that kicks off the year with high, intense pragmatic energies. You can feel it vibrating within you, urging you to release that old way of living and step into this new way of being. You see it and feel it when you are in nature, when you are engaging with others or even just meditating. Everything is different, including us. Welcome to New Earth!

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