NEW ENERGIES! Higher Dimensions and Lightbody Activations

January 25, 2016


HOLY SHIFT!!! So much energy coming unto Earth right now and intense is an Understatement! I’ve said this before; this is the year where the energy is going to go up a couple notches! The clearing being done right now has never been this thorough and deliberate in finally releasing us of past karma, traumas and fears, this is why it feels massively intense right now.


We are expanding in every single way and 2016 is the year to bring down these energies and integrate these in your newly upgraded DNA and Cell membranes. When we are vibrating at high frequencies there wil be uncomfortable feelings that come up, these sensations are going to be our new experiences. There’s no more “normal” or “how I use to feel” That old body and person is gone!  This can feel overwhelming and fearful or beautifully joyous and peaceful, it’s all up to your interpretation and perception of it all.


I was telling a friend the other night just image the amount of clearing we are doing right now on all levels of our being. We have been incarnated for THOUSANDS of years. Do you know how much death that is? How much trauma? How much fear, worries, trust issues, betrayal and attack on your soul that is?!? You are not a small being or spirit, you are the best of the best to be incarnated right now and now is the time to step into that power of your magnificence! It’s GO time!!


They are many Star families of light bringing in new energies of creation down into your DNA, your cells and unto Earth. These are what the activations are about, reviving the light within your body so you can become your higher selves here on Earth within all dimensions of consciousness and there’s many! The first Full Moon of the year brought out a lot of deep seated emotions that we are still holding on to; amplified by Mercury Retrograde and the 5 planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn helping to align with the "5" energy of new beginnings and a new timeline for humanity.




The Crown Chakra is taking in a lot of energy and this is affecting our head and neck. Dizziness, confusion, headaches, buzzing in the brain, stiff neck and face. The eyes are reprogramming along with your pineal gland to access and “see” more within the different timelines. You may feel off or off balance when this is happening but don’t forget to ground and be present! The Chakra system plays a BIG role in these activations, They are energy transmitters and they are being worked on intensely. Lots of Heart Chakra clearing: buzzing or vibrations in the heart, pins and needles feeling, heaviness, breathing may be off as this Chakra expands to give you new energies of feeling your way around your New Earth. The Solar plexus is rebalancing to bring you back into your higher power and the Root Chakra to remind you that your need for survival lies in your faith that everything is as it should be and all is well!


The energies are heavy but will integrate in February. There’s no time off to relax and not feel this anymore, we are feeling this everyday, in every moment and in every second. This is the Shift and New Earth. We are here and there’s no turning back! But then again why would you want to?!! LET' S GO!!!

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