September 2, 2016

 Blessed New Moon in Virgo and Solar Eclipse family of light!! Here we go. Here we are. Here, in this current energy wave we are BECOMING!! I don’t know about you but this summer was brutal on an energetic, physical and spiritual level. Our relationships cracked like dry skin in this dry hot summer heat. It shattered our connections with people we thought we were going to take along this shift and left us questioning everything about ourselves and if the real problem was us. That wave brought so much sadness, deep rooted traumas and a feeling of “I can’t get this shit right” but it was meant to pull us apart and get us out of our COMFORT ZONE! Not only were relationships shaken to the core but our deep-seated beliefs came up to be reviewed and it wasn't a pretty review. It showed us how we functioned in our friendships, our partnerships, our work places…Spirit was asking us to call back all aspects of ourselves that we buried to please others, that we buried to not feel, that we buried to feel something other than pain.  



August left us feeling drained, fatigued, anxious, buzzing with energies and just feeling “off” all we wanted to do was sleep. On a cellular level our bodies are being re-programmed at a rapid speed and we are feeling this by wanting to sleep and not having any motivation to do anything in our daily lives. We are either eating like crazy or hardly eating, drinking tons of water, short-tempered and if we are Empaths, which if you are reading this probably are (Highly Sensitive People) WE ARE FEELING EVERYTHING! Lot’s of psychotic breaks and thinking we are going fucking crazy. All the Solar flares we've been having accelerate these feelings by 100%. The Chakra’s are getting SLAMMED, as they have to, to accommodate our new bodies and energy fields. August brought such intensity in the Solar Plexus which is also our "Soul Seat" where the template of our lives reside. This makes perfect sense why it was purging and recalibrating like crazy. It is reconnecting us back to where we all started... back to the Stars, back to JOY, back to LOVE. Re-programming our self-confidence, our loyalty to self and remembering who we really are. The Sacral Chakra had us feeling sorry for ourselves, depressed, feeling unworthy and when it came to our sex lives...what sex lives??! It had our Moon times all messed up with lots of weird sensations in that area. The Heart Chakra is on another level of intensity  with TONS of activations; heart palpitations, buzzing and at times a ‘zap’ feeling, pressure almost like a squeezing.




September and the rest of the year brings us New Beginnings. The emotional turmoil that has been our lives for the last few months is now coming to an end and a “new” energy wave will be hitting us for the rest of the year. Today’s New Moon in Virgo is about remembering our health and that self care is vital right now. It is about staying true to commitments even if those commitments are to ourselves. Mercury Retrograde and a Solar Eclipse tag-teamed to make an EXPLOSIVE trio in re-setting our inner grid system…your life WILL change with these energies. Things WILL end. Things WILL start to manifest at rapid speed with this energy, our planets are making a “let’s fuck shit up” soup of life changing proportion! And these last few months were preparing you for it. I’ve started to change my belief system about the things that deeply affect me. Just by changing my self-talk I am already seeing significant changes in my life with what is manifesting. For YEARS we have been manifesting unconscious fears and believes with people and things that had no business being in our lives and it had us living in a loop of sameness, of triggers and of repetitive behaviours that we could not let go of; that’s now over.



September 9th, 2016, the (9.9.9) portal is going to be the tipping point in how the next few years unfolds for us.  The number 9 is all about new beginnings and the ending of cycles, releasing the old and ushering in the new is the theme for the next few months. Our lives are unfolding in such a divine way that it cannot be comprehended (yet) with the limited capacity of the mind so returning to “feeling” our way through this is vital. Tonight, set your intentions and ask Spirit to show you what TRUST looks like… complete and unbridled trust in this process that has turned us inside out. Follow your intuition and let your higher self guide you through this; this is the only way you will be able to handle what is coming.


Love yourself through the dark nights and celebrate yourself through the highs. We are here. We are here. We.Are.Here. Welcome back

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