July 4, 2016



June came, slapped us up and asked us who was our daddy!  Yeah, it was that intense! When I was meditating on the energy of July I had to take several deep breaths and really take in everything June conjured up. It was a profound month that really jolted us to get with the program and step out of our amnesia and reclaim our power...our mastery. 

The energy of June asked us if this life was truly what we wanted and if it was, how were we going to transform ourselves by letting this newness manifest within us. It brought up some deep-rooted pain we thought we had dealt with and the recalibration within our Chakras pushed this clearing even more. There were times we felt physically, mentally and spiritually sick, tired and drained to our core. Was this journey worth it or was this just a merry- go- around of us always dealing with some shit we thought we had dealt with; but come to find out a few months later that all we'd really done was suppress it and pushed it to the side to be taken care of "later" 


Mars being retrograde asked us to put some respect on its name and FINALLY, release this illusion that we aren't, can't and will not return to being the powerful, multidimensional entities we truly are. The last two weeks in June where our breaking points; all of our relationships came up to be questioned. Were we happy with the tribe we were taught to love? That we loved out of fear, trauma and old programming? Did we really want to live a regular 9-5 job or did we truly want to start tapping into our magic and do something totally out of our "old" character? The purging happening with our cells pushed us to make these decisions not with our minds but the infinite and all knowing power that resides in our hearts. 


 If you feel as though you are functioning within many different timelines and dimensions, you are! It's important to know we are living our past and future simultaneously while creating in the NOW of this reality. When we are in passion, time no longer seems to exist or it speeds up because when in passion and love we transcend time. When shifting our old perception we are transcending time; shattering old timelines and recreating everything to suit these new dimensions of Earth. This has never been done and we are the Master Ascenders setting the path of how it should be done and it hasn't been easy but we are slowly getting it.

The Solar Storms and planetary alignments are helping to push these old timelines out of our consciousness and it is making us feel like death. We are feeling dizzy, disoriented, out of body, deep vibrations, headaches, pain and stiffness in the joints; you name it we are feeling it. We can't pinpoint the exact pain or symptom anymore because everything is speeding up and happening all at once within us. Sleep is crucial right now and we need to get as much of it as possible.


July will be a month of powerful integration and really coming into our knowing that this is not going away and we need to find a comfortable medium to set fire to this journey of ours. June asked us what we wanted to recreate, let go of and heal; July is asking us if we truly want it, we need to start acting like it. The energies will be a bit "softer" as we integrate our new foundation. I've said this before and I'll say it again after this summer/winter you will not recognize yourself and this will make us feel hopeful and excited that we are actually seeing New Earth transform right in front our eyes! Just know as fall/spring hits we are entering into a new portal of unlimited possibilities, this is where the show really starts.  




As I am writing this, I hear don't be afraid to let it all go. Let go of all that you thought wasn't possible and step into the realm of infinite possibilities and new ways of being. The power lies within you to live your magical life. Home is not a figure of speech for returning to the "other side" or  "physical death" anymore. It is about stepping into the portal of YOURSELF with your thought and intentions. When you learn to do this on a conscious level this will drastically change your life and finally, set you free. 

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