June 1, 2016

I had to take the month of May off to just go inward and let the wave flow through me. Totally surrendering to what my body, mind and spirit needed.  Letting go and functioning within many different dimensions seems to be the theme. While in deep meditation a lot of things came up, a lot of insecurities; what if I can’t fulfill this destiny, what if I am not ready, What if I am too tired? It has been a month of what if’s and it has been mentally taxing and draining.


Massive waves are hitting Earth right now and it is recalibrating the physical body in every way imaginable. A lot of people are seeing changes in the shape and function of their bodies. Lot's of pain and aches, Strong vibrations and buzzing feeling “off” and being more sensitive to the energies coming down (if that’s possible!).


June is going to be MASSIVE and this is why; what is happening is that our bodies are going through the last phases of becoming crystalline and it’s affecting the Central Nervous system the most. It is fully shifting into the new and improved way of "operating" It is fully recalibrating and by the end of June you will not recognize your body, not for only how it looks but how it feels. This is why a lot of us are going through a lot of old insecurities when it comes to our bodies because it is asking us to drop all past illusions of how our body looks or should feel. If you think you aren’t beautiful or good enough how are you going to shift into this new body and fully accept it?



Everything we are experiencing now is to prepare us for what is coming. Summer and Fall are going to be life changing months that are going to transform your life, your body, mind and spirit. You can either fight the whole way through making the process harder or you can breath it out and say okay higher self, Hit it, let's play! Every second of this amazing, intricate twilight zone we are living in is all in your attitude and the willingness to take all of these changes in. You hold the power and you always have. I keep hearing  “Return back to yourself. Know who you are”, you are made of magic, use your gifts and stop-playing victim to all of this.



May swooped in and brought out so much nasty, heavy, hard-hitting energy. Many were experiencing intense anger coming up from the Solar plexus for all the times we have been treated badly for all the times we have been abused and battered. Sadness, depression and self worth issues from the Sacral Chakra for all the times we betrayed ourselves and let ourselves down with our own mean words and actions. Headaches, sharp pain, vertigo, dizziness in the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra; from all the incoming energy from our Galactic core, from Source and the multitude of planets rejoicing in the returning of planet Tara back to her higher vibrations. The heart Chakra has been letting go heaps of pure pain and sorrow for all the lives we have endured trauma, pain and heartbreak from seeing everything this planet has had to overcome; we have always taken that pain as our own, now we are releasing all of that. The Chakra's have been upgraded and are running on a faster frequency. 


June is here to change our lives. If the energies are extreme here’s what you could try to do…if you don’t like something or how a situation in your life is going, Timeline jump into the timeline where your preferred outcome is and bring that outcome into your now. Use your healing hands and intention and place them on your body that is in pain and stay on that body part until it starts to heat up, visualize the cells changing and healing itself; call on your Arcturian healing team, call on Sirius to help with cell reformation and DNA activations, call on your Star family they are here to help you remember who you really are. They heal us in our dream state, they come and debrief with us; if there is something you need or want ask before you go to sleep and the answer will be given to you in your dreams. 


As I type this I hear remember your magic,  remember your power, remember where you come from. You will remember and be totally changed in these coming months. Happy Becoming my friends. We are here.


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