April 26, 2016


The Divine Feminine has been sweeping the planet for awhile now so this is no surprise that Her energy is now being anchored FULLY and POWERFULLY. We are being asked to re-evaluate our worth and to see ourselves with Goddess eyes. We are not who we once were, not by a long shot. This energy sweeping our Root and Sacral chakra's are being rewired to bring us back to a nurturing compassion for ourselves and Humanity.  Earth energy is connected to the Root and the Sacral so we need to connect and draw in Gaia’s energy right now and breath in her essence that she is using to transform us.  


The amount of energy coming in from our Galactic Center is massive and if you are not feeling this physically then it is definitely affecting you mentally. The Root and Sacral Chakra’s are being upgraded to connect us back to Earth’s Core Star which as now been transformed and re-tuned.


The mother is the creator, the giver, the nurturer, the sex, the child and the transformer of life, so naturally these are the emotions affecting us right now. Now we are questioning OUR Core Star and wondering where to plant these new seeds given to us by Mother. Our Sacral Chakra is our Womb our creative center; what are you giving birth too, what are you longing for, what are you transforming within your womb right now? We are either feeling sensual or sexual or we are not feeling connected at all. This is mother calling you back to your feelings, calling you back to your sexuality that does not involve a partner but involves your connection to how well you can create.



Naturally, the Root that lies beneath the womb cannot support “Her” if it cannot be rooted to “her”.  Do you get what I mean? Our lives exist through connections and being grounded within ourselves before we are grounded to anything external. So the Divine Goddess is here, right now, coming to every single one of us and asking us the eternal question; what are you creating Dear One? The Goddess within us has returned.


Because this is shifting our perceptions and our hard core believes we need to shut down to let our cells, blood, organs and DNA upgrade without interruption from our outdated belief system! Sleep, has been our best friend and at times our lover. Nothing is sweeter than sleep and relaxation right now.



Because the Universe aids at all times with our healing and the predominant energies we go through during these shifts, it’s no surprise that while at a Crystal and Gem show in Toronto this weekend Aragonite and Pyrite called to me. Both Crystals are Earth Crystals and are connected to our Root Chakra and Earth energy. Crystals and Gems have been around since the beginning of time but now more than ever I’m finding that we are being called back to them for everyday uses. In Dolores Cannon’s book “The Three Waves of Volunteers” under hypnosis one of her client reveals that people who are particular attracted to Crystals and Gems come from Lemuria and Atlantis. We used Crystals as a form of healing, manifesting and creating that’s why I was getting guided to start studying different types of Gems because as we shift, these Earth charms can really help us!


I am being guided to say we have to return back to our Crystals and use them as we create our new world. As one of my mentors always says to me “use your magic chil”! We need to return back to our magic, which is created within the womb and supported by Goddess.


So has I leave you my loves, I have to ask, what are you creating?

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