April Vibration Forecast!

April 7, 2016



April Energy Vibrations


Ok, March kicked some of our Asses but for good reasons! We needed the upgrade and downloads to propel us into this next stage that we are currently entering. The separation between 3D and 5D is evident and can’t be hidden or even ignored anymore; we are at the bridge and now is the time to jump over or stay in the dense, lower vibrations of 3D. You are going to jump, right?!


For the past couple of months old fears and experiences have been coming into our vibration to reiterate the lessons that needs to be anchored within you. These experiences are pushing us to be and do more; they push us into our Solar Plexus for us to regain back our power. Did this experience teach you to trust yourself more? To stop giving away your power in relationships?, To stand on your own two feet and believe in yourself? A lot of the old roles that we have usually played is now being dismantled and it’s time to erase that old you and step into your mastery because that’s who you are, a master retraining and remembering that you are beyond powerful and magical.


I’ve said a few times that this year is going to be new and different with how we process our lives and the Ascension symptoms that are going to start affecting us.  We are created from and are going through the process of becoming light once more. It's too painful to feel dense now, it’s too painful to be in arguments and that type of hectic energy, we don’t and can’t stand to be around conflict and shady people; we literally start to feel sick and have to take ourselves away.


The Crown Chakra is getting massive downloads of new information from our Galactic Centre and from many different Star beings/tribes to help you reconnect to your divine power and roles. Our Third Eye are also upgrading and reconnecting and a lot of us are seeing beings of a different dimension more clearly. Colors are brighter, you can feel the energies around you more clearly also.



In the sleep state a lot of us are going back on spaceships to be recharged and download new information that can help HUmanity on grand levels. This has been happening for a few years now but has increased more over the past few months. The level of how HUGE this is, is finally hitting! The Shift is among us and these times will be written in history books, what’s your part and how will you step into it? 


Dizziness, heat and cold waves (this is when our DNA are being upgraded), aches and pain all over and waking up like we’ve been hit by a truck (all the work we’re doing in sleep state on spaceships or back on our Star planet to retune our bodies), all the Chakra’s are being upgraded (to better handle the new energies coming in), rashes all over the body (purging and recalibrating of the physical vessel), extreme thirst or hunger (physical upgrades need extra nourishment), whatever your body needs give in to it; our bodies has its own powerful consciousness and it knows what it needs to function in this vibration. Everyone has an opinion on what is best to eat and what is bad but we have to be careful to not fall in that trap of judgment and knowing what’s best for someone else’s body. Your intuition is your BEST friend and now is the time to fully trust its messages. We need to trust ourselves more and really listen because massive amounts of information, direction and assistance are coming through from GOD/GODDESS, our guides and our Star tribes, we need to listen now and mute out all outer rubbish that only means to sway you away from…you.




The shift is here. We are living it and history is being made RIGHT NOW! It’s only going to get more intense, it’s going to push you so hard to step into your divinity your head is going to be spinning, but you can make this process easier by listening and really trusting yourself that you know exactly what to do at any given time; this is how brilliant you are.



April is here to propel us and is asking us if we are ready! So, are you ready? LET”S DO THIS!




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