Energy Stream From Alpha Centauri and The Divine Feminine Energy

March 9, 2016


As I write this it is International Women’s Day and what better time to speak about the rise of the Divine feminine within the next few years. There’s a shift in the Air, a firm, affirmative, silent power of change and newness that is visible to all the senses. It’s undeniable that we are creating a new Timeline for the future. The transparency of the Divine feminine power sweeping Earth right now is reconnecting us back to our innate divine gifts of healing, mending broken parts that were once lost and the return of our full consciousness of our higher selves.


The Eclipse and New Moon further this shift by solidifying what is going on internally and all around us. There’s this powerful charge of energy particles streaming within our cells and transforming our DNA at an excelerated speed.  The energy of enough is enough, let’s change shit type of energy that’s going to stick around for the next few years. Experiences that we’ve been experiencing for the last few months have been showing us exactly where we still need work, where we still hold traumas and where we need stand firm with what we are creating for our lives and the future timeline of Earth. It’s time to be unapologetic bad Asses master creators!


There’s definitely a new energy here on planet Earth right now and to deny it any further is to be in total denial of this massive shift going on within and around us. I was sitting one afternoon in my Solarium and my body started to shake uncontrollably, a warm flow of pure source energy overcame my body, my vision got extremely clear and I heard my Star family say this is it WE ARE MAKING CONTACT WITH ALL OF YOU TO BEGIN THE NEW EMERGENCE ON STAR EARTH. I knew this meant that we are and will be going through massive tuning to our physical, mental and energetic body.


 Dizziness, heavy vibrations in the physical body, breathing has been altered so we can learn to breath in this new dimension. Extreme tiredness as we attune our bodies, Lot’s of emotional clearing as we finally release old hurts and debilitating traumas. Anger, lashing out, annoyance with the smallest things, getting irritated with ourselves and others, we expect people to claim, heal and take care of their own personal shit!  It’s been full on extreme and it’s not slowing down I’ve been told! We are heading full on into the new frontier of a life that was created specifically for us to be here to create. 



We are getting streams of energy from Alpha Centauri right now and they are our family of light from the Southern Constellation of Centaurus. Alpha Centauri are the masters of the Immune System and part creators of our light bodies. Your psychic abilities are being awaken really intensely now and for the next few months. Question everything even what you are reading from me; listen to the master Creator; YOU. We are entering into a new portal of living many of the timelines we have created simultaneously with our higher selves and The Elohim. What we have set forth in our minds thousands of years ago is what we are living RIGHT NOW! This is HUGE on all scales of creation and we are being celebrated and honored by our Star Families and Mother/Father God. Because of our will and strength to see this planet elevate back to it’s original vibration and return back to a planet of fairness, justice, love and peace. Happy International Women’s Day Star family, Mother God watches over us and keeps us vibrating high. 




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