The New Heart Chakra And The Fear Behind It

February 15, 2016


After a busy night on my Star Planet and in the spirit realm downloading and clearing; getting information and relaying information to my team and my spiritual family I open my eyes and re-enter back into this dimension. Everything is different this time.


Our world around us looks like a hologram of vital energy around everyone and everything! What we use to be able to eat we can’t stomach anymore. We can taste the GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) and the countless amount of toxins in our food and water. We can hear things so clearly even a conversation happening down the street. We can now sense energy intimately. The integrating and downloads are now manifesting all around us and it is giving some of us anxiety and worry that we are not where we are meant to be or can’t fulfill such a new life. It’s a whirlwind dilemma, we go through these symptoms to live in a new body and life but when we start to manifest this new life we don’t know what the hell to do with it. Holy shift, We can actually live the life of our dreams?!


When we stepped into the New Year we stopped playing games of being scared or not good enough or I can’t do this. We started to not only activate our 12 strands DNA fully but we also started to integrate our new bodies and minds. This comes with massive fear and anxiety. EVERYTHING we once knew is gone or changing.


The New Moon in Aquarius and the New Year of the Fire Monkey brings new and exciting times ahead. The New Moon in Aquarius pushes us to take charge of our destiny and become fully focus on what we want to achieve in life. Now that our inner and outer world are being totally uprooted and transformed Aquarius pushes us to stop complaining and get things done. Leave that job, take that vacation or at least start planning it, start realizing that this is our new path of consciousness and this energy is not going anywhere. Aquarius energy is get things accomplished or start something new; if we don’t like it, how are we going to change it, type of vibe.



The year of the Fire Monkey brings a lot of excitement, freshness and new experiences but if we are not careful it also brings scattered energies. The Moon wants us to stick to our dream and goals for our new lives and the monkey tries to show us what is important and questions our choices. When this type of energy comes up it asks us to get balanced and see past all the illusions. This vibration is asking us to connect back to our guidance system…our heart.


The Heart Chakra is undergoing HUGE changes and upgrades and literally feels like it’s breaking apart. Heart palpitations, pressure, Tingles, shortness of breath and oh, let’s not forget all the really deep emotional shit that come with clearing the heart Chakra! The sadness, anger, letting go syndrome and all the pain we've felt over the past couple thousand of years, insert rolling eyes here! Every part of the body is in pain or going through the changes. The energy streaming in from our intergalactic planets are going through every cell and organ of our bodies. It makes us vibrate and feel like we are buzzing and on a constant multidimensional high. A lot of energy is also coming through our Crown Chakra from our Spiritual team, dizziness, disoriented, frantic energy and keeping our focus on one thing is in the air right now. 


Self-care is vital and being alone right now is necessary to integrate these energies and to better understand what is happening to us on all levels of our being. We are living many different timelines and jumping from different dimensions for us to really take in what is happening to us and incorporate it unto Earth energy systems.  Fear is our number one teacher and we are being touched by fear in every area of our lives, the trick is to welcome it in and have a serious heart to heart with it. We are just starting on the scale of intense (sorry)! This year is going to be so new and transforming that we will finally be living in New Earth and living in these new dimensions! It's the return the Heart Chakra and right now it's leading this transformation! 


" And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" ~Anais Nin


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