Ascension Is The Return.

January 7, 2016



Ascension in simple terms, is the return to our divine selves, who we really are on a spirit level, our true selves. On a 3rd dimensional planet it is really hard to live and survive on this vibration. We die in this vibration, we grow old in this vibration, and in this vibration there is duality. Good/bad, Rich/poor, sick/healthy, You/Me. We're not used to living like this, this is not our innate nature to live in duality. 



This is where it gets interesting.


We heard the call from God/Goddess that the Star beings of the highest calibre were needed to go and assist in balancing and returning Earth back into the vibration it once was. This was a spiritual war (we'll use the word "war" for better understanding)! Once the call was heard, the healers answered, the alchemists answered, the scientists answered, the grid experts answered. The best of the best answered this call. YOU answered this call. The "dark" ones created a system of manipulation, greed, hate and power and we were called to rebalance this. 



Let's forward to today.


We who come from the Stars have never lived in this duality before so we needed trianing. We agreed to be born on Earth for 26,000 years so we coud go through a sort of "training". We wouldn't remember where we came from or why we were here. The journey was to eventually go through our training and remember who we were while working down here to set things straight again. That 26,000 year cycle eneded on Dec 12, 2012. 12.12.12. And we stepped into the phase of acerlerated ascension...we started to remember. We started to question everything that was taught to us, our systems, our politics, who we really were. You see, while we were in our amnesia we were brainwahsed to think we were lesser beings and we had no control over ourselves or circumstances. This was to keep us stuck. Imagine if we stepped into our true authentic power? 


It sounds like an amazing movie right?! This, Star Family, is the story of our past; how we came to be and why we are here. We are changing Earth back into it's high vibrational frequency. The Illuminati, Dark ones, Anunaki ; whichever name you choose to call them by ruled this planet on fear, manipuation, greed and power. We are setting it back to it's original vibration which is Love. The purest most divine vibration in all the Star system. Love.  



You are not here by mistake, by default, or even just because you want to be here. You are here for so much more. You my family, charted this, studied this, met with other Star nations, to configure, write and orchestrate this time down here on Earth. You are Spirit walking in a vessel that is yours for a moment on your path. You carry information and knowledge within you that are ancient. Strenghts that are your birthright like healing, physics, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, seers, that are connected to different realms of consciouseness (they're are thousands) we'll get into that on a different post! This is Ascension, calling all those different aspects back to yourself. Your all-knowing selves. Your Higher Selves. 


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