The Chakra's


The Chakra's are located within your energetic field and it governs the health and balance of your whole physical, mental and spiritual body. Chakra in Sanskrit means "Spinning Wheel" when you tune into your Chakra's they will look like a spinning wheel of energy. Each Chakra governs a specific part of your body and they are 7 main Chakras starting from your pelvis all the way up to the crown of your head. I will be doing an extensive Blog post on each one and how you can heal and balance your Energy Centers. You can also check out my YouTube video on how to heal your Root Chakra!


1. The Root Chakra: Survival Issues, How Grounded you are in life, Health and Balance


2. The Sacral Chakra: Your worth issues, the traumas you hold within your womb, Sexual Energy


3. The Solar plexus: Your inner strength and Personal power


4. The Heart Chakra: Your capacity to Love and Forgive


5. The Throat Chakra: How do you speak your truth, are you honest with others and yourself


6. The Third Eye: Your connection with your Intuition and how you manifest things into your life


7. The Crown Chakra: Your connection to Source, How you connect to God/Goddess and the Spiritual realm



The Chakra's are my specialty and my passion! When I started my awakening I quickly realized that I was naturally intuitive and could sense and read the Chakra energy system, thus healing and letting clients know which one needs balancing, clearing, and healing.


I also teach you how you can heal your own Chakra's and guide you with some tools, herbs, crystals and Intentions for each one!






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