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My name is  Natoya Hall and I AM  a passionate Spiritual Journalist, Ascension Guide, Master Energy Healer, Light Language Activator/Transmitter, Tarot/Intuitive Reader, and Self/Soul-Empowerment Coach.


I love all things Metaphysical, Ascension, New Earth and Spiritual! My Soul Purpose is to activate beings on Earth to Re-member their Totality of their Spirit Selves; Higher Selves, Multidimensional Selves.


Minyma means "The Messenger" and I was guided years ago to connect with those on this Spiritual Journey we call Ascension! I Am a Messenger and Teacher here to guide those seeking to ground and make sense of their Spiritual journey. This information is now being activated deep within everyone’s Cellular Memory.



 There is a Shift Happening in the World right now and it is a Spiritual Shift. Everyone is awakening to something “Greater”. The old Matrix is collapsing and people are making their own rules, following their inner guidance and following a higher calling for their lives. My mission is to heal and activate what is already known within you so you can go out “there” and be the HIGHEST version of yourself.


We are the BEST OF THE BEST HERE ON PLANET EARTH. Let's go through this journey together as we reconnect back to our Higher Self's and shift the consciousness on Planet Earth. 


Please join me as we elevate, teach and guide each other on this amazing journey of returning to Self!


So Much Love 



Ase, Namaste, Amen 

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